Sunday, November 6, 2011

CH.16-Integrated Marketing Communications

"The ultimate goal of any promotion is to get someone to buy a good or service take some action".The AIDA concept outlines the process for achieving promotional goals in terms of stages of consumer involvement with the message.

A= Attention
To acquire our attention, Red Bull launch a series of promotional strategies; Their marketing is mainly based on the “3 pillars of Red Bull; Sampling, Advertising, Sponsoring”. This means that next to normal advertisements, they drive around in Red Bull –modified cars handing out cans of red bull and sponsor big extreme sports events and competitions. In this way Red Bull is not just promoting their energy drink but is also selling a lifestyle, seemingly people are willing to be a part of this Red Bull extreme sports lifestyle.

 I= Interest
  To maintain consumer intrest in the product Red Bull host or sponsers many customer freindly events (ex.contest,andsweepstakes) one recent event that Red Bull has launched is;
Red Bull Space, located in the heart of SoHo, is a home for your unique and innovative events and ideas. We host a broad range of events and projects from large scale art installations and photo shoots to private tastemaker events and music acts, but don't let that hinder your imagination.
Imagine a 3,000 sq. ft. raw space that not only welcomes creativity and challenges, but also provides the necessary tools and support needed to bring your vision to life. A broad range of events and projects are supported from large scale art installations and photo shoots, to private tastemaker events and music acts. Let your imagination fly; the possibilities are limitless.
Red Bull Space has 12” platform for intimate performances. The high-tech sound system and cordless microphones make for a flawless musical experience. Red Bull Space is equipped with a cold kitchen, and modern, state-of-the art appliances. The area can accommodate 100 guests for a seated dinner, or 250 guests standing with passed hor d’oeuvres. We can assist you in planning an intimate dinner for your guests, with premium service and an elegant atmosphere. Should you desire a more casual event; the space can be transformed to fit your dining needs.
Red Bull space offers a fresh, timeless area for any fashion event. With its white walls and interesting yet simple architecture, it provides a premium backdrop for photos. We can construct a professional runway for your audience; or an intimate trunk show may suit your style. Natural light floods in from the 8 ft. windows, or the custom shades provide the photographer with different levels of light. Our beautiful indoor lighting system (color and white light) can also be used to create the perfect scene. Our balcony, which overlooks Thompson Street, is a nice addition to the already interesting space.The 14 ft. projection screen transforms the space into a theatre, which can seat up to 75 people. The state-of-the-art sound system and high-definition projector give the optimal viewing experience. The custom shades block any outside light during daytime premiers. The theatre area makes up only about 1/3 of the space; additional areas of the space can be utilized as needed.

D= Desire

Red Bull’s smart use of social media and branded content

Red Bull is playing a smart game. Branded content is a huge area in social media at the moment but most brands get it so wrong by focusing on peppering their logo and branding on everything but Red Bull understand the subtle nature of this medium. The key to branded content is creating something that people want to watch and share but at the same time that fits in with the core values of your brand.


This video is shot in a way that it could actually be a movie and although it clearly wasn’t cheap to produce it is already getting close to a quarter of a million views after only a couple of days. The iconic location, the slick tricks and the alternative lifestyle means it is content that is bound to get shared. You only see a can of Red Bull a couple of times as well as the logos on his outfits but it in no way feels like an advert and makes compelling viewing.


This one relies on the stunning Greek location to provide a beautiful backdrop as Ryan Doyle goes about his tricks. Again there are a couple of flashes of Red Bull as he takes a sip between tricks which does just enough to put it in to my mind to buy a can later but not enough to make me feel like it is an advert and turn it off. Because this branded content is so good you end up watching it all the way to the end whereas if it had logos everywhere you would be long gone.

A= Action
 As for actually implementing On market share Red Bull is the most popular energy drink in the world,with over 3 billion cans sold every year. In 2010, more than 4.204 billion cans were sold in over 161 countries. 7,758 employees generated 3.78 billion euros in turnover!

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