Friday, September 16, 2011

Ch.3 Ethics and Social Responsibilty

Red Bull, which distributes its product in aluminium cans sells more than 4 billion cans a year! That means a lot of aluminium cans are used to deliver the product in top quality to places all over the globe. Naturally, Red Bull’s production and distribution has an environmental impact. Red Bull is very aware of its environmental responsibility, and is constantly striving for improvement in this area, with the aim to keep environmental impact at an absolute minimum.

*Less energy and fewer raw materials-
Wall-to-wall production is just one of the ways in which Red Bull reduces its environmental impact. This kind of production dramatically shortens transport distances, resulting in lower CO2 emissions, in addition to other benefits. Increasing the can recycling rate not only cuts down on Red Bull’s usage of precious virgin raw materials, but saves on the energy needed to process these. Reduction of the can’s weight has also made a difference: the less aluminium goes into cans in the first place, the smaller the carbon footprint.

Red Bull environmental sustainability - can lifecycle
According to the company, Red Bull cans are the world's most recycled drink packaging.
Red Bull believes that part of its success lies in its efficient and highly modern production system. Taking an old can and using it again takes 95 percent less energy compared to using new aluminium and significantly reduces Red Bull's carbon footprint.
Using aluminium was a conscious decision from Red Bull for various reasons. Aluminium cans are oxygen-proof and neutral in taste, so the drinks retain their flavour for a long time. As aluminium cans are 100 percent recyclable, they can be melted down and reused an infinite number of times, saving a huge amount of cost and energy.
-With all the spare cans that the world has from the product, the company created a innovative nationwide movement which helps in thier recycling cause.
Red Bull Art of Can: Inspired Recycling
The Red Bull Art of Can is a nationwide hunt for creativity and is open to everyone, from full-time artists to anyone with a creative flair. Build, sculpt, weld, glue, hammer, bend, fold, print, tape and paint, whatever you like!
The Red Bull Art of Can offers a platform for anyone, regardless of age, who wants to explore his or her creative talent. Artists, students, grandparents and all those inbetween are invited to submit their works of art. The Red Bull Art of Can is a true expression of one's imagination, with little or no restrictions placed on the budding artist.
Your primary material must be a silver and blue Red Bull can (Sugarfree and Cola are also an option), but you will need to add plenty of imagination and creativity. Make a sculpture, a picture, a 3D model, a mobile, or a piece of modern art, but make it beautiful, colourful, clever, amusing or outrageous.

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